Benefits and Services

How can your company benefit from using Shield Mercantile?

  • Achieve additional value from your resource base and deliver maximum value to your shareholders.
  • Staff can be free to administer better quality accounts.
  • Internal and external primary collection services can be benchmarked at no cost and without risk.
  • Increase bottom-line results without increasing departmental overheads.

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Shield Mercantile will enable your company to achieve additional value from your resource base and deliver maximum value to your shareholders.


The benefits of engaging Shield Mercantile include:

  • High performance delivering greater net returns - Shield Mercantile's performance record demonstrates that our clients consistently receive back a higher percentage on the accounts referred to us. In recent benchmarking a banking industry client realised a 40% greater net return than a competitor on the same number of files.
  • Highly trained staff - Our highly trained and compliant teams work referred accounts using our intensive 'locate and collect' approach. Ongoing staff development ensures we have a good attrition rate with collection officers resulting in locating more people and negotiating payments. Our very generous bonus structure for our collection staff provides a very attractive incentive to achieve highly consistent results which in turn increases the net return back to the client. By paying a generous base salary in addition to having an achievable bonus structure we ensure our collectors are not enticed to conduct themselves in a questionable fashion to receive a bonus.
  • Compliance at every level - Quality managed and audited processes assure our clients that our collection activities are consistently carried out in compliance with the regulatory framework, and in accordance with our documented procedures. Shield Mercantile's quality system is certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008.
  • Reliable service - Shield Mercantile has a proven track record providing fully transparent and accountable services. We are financially viable and invest in technology and communications. Our Collect! collection system is a dedicated workflow-driven debt collection system providing a stable database capable of generating a flexible range of reports for clients.
  • Strong, flexible working relationship - Shield Mercantile can meet changes in clients' volume requirements with a structure geared for rapid start-up and fast results. Our goal is to offer clients a robust and responsive partnership that can adjust to changing needs.

Our Services

Shield Mercantile's core business is debt recovery services for banks and financial institutions. Our commitment to this industry has enabled us to develop a high level of experience ensuring we deliver the highest standards of service to our clients.

The service we offer to clients is in the primary, secondary, tertiary, legal and debt reserve recovery programs.

Our expertise covers, but is not limited to:

  • Consumer Personal Loans
  • Consumer Credit Cards
  • Business Loans
  • Business Credit Cards
  • Home Lending
  • Business Leasing
  • Personal Leasing
  • All aspects of Automotive Finance

Service level guarantees

We include the following service level guarantees:

  • Compliance with all relevant State and Federal Acts, for example, Privacy Act, Competition and Consumer Act and National Consumer Credit Protection Act
  • Where the primary debt collection function has been performed effectively we expect to recover between 8% and 12% annually and in some cases to over 20%
  • Complaints will not exceed 0.001% of all accounts downloaded
  • Files will be actioned within 24 hours of being downloaded onto our system
  • Electronic reconciliations provided within 3 working days of close off dates for end of month reporting.
  • Commissions remitted as requested by the client, usually weekly or monthly accompanied by the appropriate report.
  • One off requests for reports and other information will be addressed immediately and response times within 48 hours
  • Shield Mercantile is equipped with the latest version of the Collect! Credit and Collection system supplied by Comtech Systems Inc.
  • Collect! automates and streamlines collection, administration, reporting, letter writing and accounting functions. Collect! can develop and adapt as our business needs change. We can define your own business rules and automate our operation to maximize profit and work flow with Collect!. Over 1200 companies in 35 countries manage billions of dollars in receivables daily using Collect!.
  • The system operates on RDM® Server 8.0 by Raima. RDM® Server is a powerful, cross-platform, small footprint database designed for server applications with demanding performance requirements. RDM® Server meets the needs of competitive businesses and embedded applications by offering a feature rich and scalable data management solution.
  • With its highly flexible plug in model combined with features like data replication, in-memory support, and data encryption, RDM® Server has become the number one choice in many carrier grade applications needing a high degree of fault tolerance and reliability. Designed not only for fault-tolerance, but also for real-time processing RDM® Server has unique features to ensure fast real-time transaction processing.
  • This computer system is supported by an on-site server providing hot-online backup, a daily tape-backup and an off-site server (data risk) that backs up data each evening.
  • Inter-company communication is supported by a local area network hosted by Telstra. This facility is state-of-the-art in terms of IT functions and allows maximum flexibility with minimum risk in terms of natural disasters and security.